What is the Parish Council working on at the moment? Well we are looking at a range of issues and some are captured below:

-  Traffic Calming.

-  Road and safety Signs -  Signage around the village.

-  Flooding and ditch clearance.

-  Access to public walk ways.

-  Dog Fouling.

-  Communication, website, notice boards.

-  Planning.

-  Chicken farm in Butlers Marston - no longer being pursued. 

Topics on the agenda

Trafic calming

Do you want to do something about Traffic Calming?
Part of the traffic calming initiative would be to support a voluntary Community Speed Watch. This is where a team of trained people monitor and record speed in the village. Each watch has to have a team of three. This would be on a rotation basis with a number of teams participating at varioustimes in the day or week. The village would use calibrated equipment shared with others on a regular basis.

The immediate benefit would be a visual deterrent to potential speeding vehicles. People who regularly drive through the village would see volunteers on a regular basis and would learn to respect the speed limit. Those that don’t, and that have been recorded over the limit, are reported to the police and a warning letter is issued to them.

A team of trained community speed volunteers can makea difference

Please contact Tim Pearson via e mail or 01789 740359 or any of the Parish Council team whose details can be found at
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