Every year the parish council hosts the Annual Parish meeting (also known as the Annual Assembly). This is not a parish council meeting, it is a meeting of the parish electors which takes place between 1 March and the 1 June. Electors can contribute to the agenda and in practice these meetings often celebrate local activities and debate current issues in the community.

The 2024 Annual Parish meeting of Pillerton Hersey will be held at 7:00 pm, Tuesday, 16 April 2024 at the Church of St Mary, Pillerton Hersey.

2024 - Agenda, Report pack, minutes (draft), presentation from LH and RC

2023 - Agenda, Report pack, Minutes 

2022 - Agenda, Report pack (includes presentations), Minutes

2021 - Agenda, Minutes (draft) and presentation by Dr Jacky Lawrence

2020 - No meeting due to the Coronavirus-19 pandemic

2019 - Agenda and minutes


Certificate exemption AGAR 2019/20
Exercise of Rights 2020


Conclusion of Annual Audit 2019
Cash Book until the 31st March 2019
Annual Return until 31st March 2019
Annual Governance & Accountability Part 2
Guidance notes on completing Part 2
Certificate exemption AGAR 2018/19 Part 2
Certificate exemption AGAR 2019/20
Exercise of Rights 2020
Annual Internal Audit report 2018/2019
Section 1 - Annual Governance statement 2018/2019
Section 2 - Accounting Statement